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A Covid Coming Out

(among the gum trees)

A Digital One-Man Show

It’s 2020 - an all too familiar virus intimidates the world - and a young closeted Queer comes knocking for help on his parents’ rural door.

With an abundance of childhood habits and hobbies awaiting him, his secret might not be so easy to hide!

With one day of quarantine left, and riddled with anxiety, our Queer takes a much-needed nap. Here, we meet the inhabitants of his subconscious.


Together, in an urgent Zoom conference, they must find a remedy for our Queer’s despondency, and fight for each of their place in the conscious world.


Supported by Midsumma's 'Living in the Queerantine' grant.

Take a sneak peek of the trailer above!

Watch the full film:

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