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Actor Me

So, yeah, I'm an actor! An award-winning one, apparently*

One of the most common questions I get is 'what kind of acting do you do?'

Well, to answer that question: I 'do' honest, connected acting, mostly in theatre these days but I also love to work on screen now and again.

I perform in shows that I've written myself (you can learn more about these via the 'Projects' tab above) and in shows written by others, from solo performances to ensemble productions.

*My solo show 'The Will To Be' won a Best Theatre Weekly Award at the Adelaide Fringe in 2020. You can learn more about it here.

So far, I've been lucky to perform in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Cooma, Forbes and Sale in Australia, and in 2018, I got to perform in the Czech Republic as part of the Prague Fringe Festival with Australian Shakespeare Company.

If you're after something a little more formal, you can view my showreel and download my bio and resume below.

Got a project you think I might be good for? 

Shoot me an email here.

In 2016, I co-founded a theatre collective in Melbourne called North of Eight. Together, we produce a bunch of new and existing scripted material and perform them in pubs, halls, old churches and intimate theatres. You can learn more about NoE here.

I do leave the nest occasionally though and have performed with a bunch of other theatre companies over the years too.

One of the things I love about being an actor is traveling around and performing in new towns and cities and meeting lots of different people along the way.

My Showreel

My Resume


The Live Comedy Show

Multiple Roles

David Perrin - Screaming Goat Productions


A Covid Coming Out


Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

The Establishment

One Foot in the Grave


The Independent Variable

2 Friends and a Duck


Brothers in Arms
























Mark Salvestro/Midsumma

Melody Rooks - Pet Rock Films

Christopher Fulloon


Jake Murphy


Nadia Townsend - Turtle Lab


UNSW - College of Fine Arts


SAE Institute - Sydney


Northern Sydney Institute


SAE Institute - Melbourne


Marion Slatter



The Will To Be


Strata Inc.


Comedy of Errors

Lonely People are Always Up in the Middle of the Night

Navy Pier

Buried at Sea

Private Moments: A Double Bill

(Buried at Sea - Solo Show)

Fairy Tale News



Couch Potato




Antipholus of Syracuse










'Big' Mal Wolfe




David Atfield

Sarah Hallam/Phoebe Taylor


Faran Martin

Kevin Hopkins

Hila Ben Gera



Phoebe Anne Taylor

Phoebe Anne Taylor



Phoebe Anne Taylor



Jennifer Piper



Belinda Campbell

Canberra Theatre Centre

Melbourne Fringe & Adelaide Fringe,

La Mama, Cooma Little Theatre

North Of Eight

Australian Shakespeare Co. - Graduate Players

La Mama Theatre



North Of Eight

Melbourne Fringe/Adelaide Fringe/Snowy Mountains Tour

Second Breakfast

(Brisbane Anywhere Festival)


WIT Incorporated

(Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival)


WIT Incorporated

2010 - present

2010 - present


McDonald's McOz Burger

Surf Lifesaver

Steve Hudson - Prodigy Films


Howard Fine Acting Studio - Australia

Full-time Program:

          Acting:  Howard Fine, Marilyn McIntyre, Laura Gardner

          Voice & Speech: Stephen Costan

          Singing & Speech for Actors (SFA): David Coury

          Alexander Technique: Penny McDonald & Jean-Louis Rodrigue

          Acting to Camera: Shane Connor

          Singing: Sally Bourne


          Ongoing Scene Study: Howard Fine, Marilyn McIntyre, Sarah Hallam, Lisa Treloar

          Alexander Technique: Penny McDonald

          4-Day Intensive Master Class: Howard Fine (2015 & 2016)        

          4-Day Intensive Master Class: Howard Fine & David Coury (2015 & 2019)

          Application of Technique to Screen: Shane Connor

          Improvisation: Jimmy Eaton

          Playing The Bard: Shakespeare in Performance: Sally McLean


Australian Shakespeare Company: Graduate Players Program - Kevin Hopkins & Claire Nichols

Voice & Speech: Stephen Costan


Improcorp: Improvisation Level 1&2 - Lyn Pierse


Sydney Screen Actors Group: Acting to Camera - Sam Haft, Marti Keefer


Actors Centre Australia

          Acting: Jamie Irvine

          Shakespeare: Lyn Pierse

          Musical Theatre: Margi de Ferranti, Martin Crewes, Bev Kennedy, Nancye Hayes,

                                      Philip Quast, Dean Carey, Gail Edwards


Other Skills/Interests

General American Accent, Impersonations/Voices, Intermediate Pianist, Singer (tenor – music theatre), Bicycling, Writing, Journalist (2yr exp./1st Yr. B. Communications & Media/1st Place Comms & Media Award – U. Notre Dame Aus.), Shakespeare.

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